Shoa Memorial Bologna

Lokacija: Bologna
Razpisovalec: Židovska skupnost Bologna
Leto: 2015
Borut Vogelnik, akad. slik. spec.,
Jernej Prijon, u.d.i.a..,
Nejc Vasl, abs. arh.
Svetovalca v okviru skupne platforme Maja Farol:
Miran Mohar, akad. slik.,
Tadej Žaucer, , univ. dipl. ing. arh.

Monument's time sharing - Not every monument or memorial erected to remind us of someone or something fulfils the expectations. A lot of them trough time slowly fade away in it’s presence between the habitants of respective city, some of them gain firm presence in inhabitant’s thoughts and discussions and through it in the perception of cities structure and only few gain recognition over the borders of concrete space. Monument’s formal beauty can help but is far from being decisive in the process of gaining ‘’aura’’. Marginal location without any historical importance, restrictions regarding installation and severe financial limitations do not facilitate it at all. This are the reasons that made us decide not to fight with the facts given by the space and the tender. On contrary, especially because a square that came about “by accident” (a fragment of an unfinished railway station), but situated in a heavily trafficked area, already has certain beauty of it’s own, we decided to accept it as it is and propose the program that may provide through certain period of time an aura to this place and the object that will mark it.
We propose to establish contacts with places around Europe that already erected similar memorials dedicated to remembering the Shoah, borrow from them the monument or part of the installation, depending on the size of it , and install it in the Bologna location for the agreed period of time. Half year to one year would be perfect. The sculptures or objects are going to be placed on one of three different stands presented on the accompanying drawing. They are designed in such a way to cover most possible versions of exchanged objects. From traditional busts and figures to abstract objects or installations and a glass case in the case protection from rein and eventual vandalism is needed. You can regulate the cost of each presentation by selecting respectively to the size of the object.
This process should continue at list for a decade or two. Each year should be presented one or two objects and by that one or two places from different parts of Europe with it’s unique histories and memorials related to them. It goes without saying that this offers a good opportunity to organize public events and present it in the medias.
In exchange for the borrowed objects you have to select an object that is going in the period when certain sculpture would, instead of being at home, stay in Bologna, exchange it on its usual position in respective city. In this way you are going to prevent eventual difficulties with the absence of borrowed objects on one hand and secure for yourself an object that is going to gain certain aura during the journeys it is going to make and places it is going to stay.
We do advise that you select the object without any meaning. The best would be to organize a competition, not necessarily international one, and select the future monument.

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